Thursday, February 18, 2010

Croppin' With The Gals

I was in desperate need of a vacation. McDonald's no longer gives vacation to crewmembers. However, I found a way around it! I have found a place I can get away to for just a weekend, and come back and it's like a mini-vacation! Well last week the kids had Friday off school. So Thursday after they got home, we took out. We went to Missie's house. I scrapped with (left to right) Missie, myself, Stephanie, and Jeanette. Lizzie and Jory had a ball playing with Missie's kids, and I had a ball playing with the gals.

We did all kinds of things. We played in alcohol inks, ate, etched glass, drank, scrapped, and laughed ourselves silly. All four of us ended up with stomachaches from laughing so hard. I got my glass etched with my name and a Cricut bughead, and I got five pages finished, and learned to make my own Glue Dots. Next time we want to do t-shirts.

Even the littlest girls got into crafting that weekend! They wanted to be like the big girls, so they put their pajamas on, crowded around the child-size table, and crafted too. They also colored and had a ball. When they weren't at the table, trying to be like the big girls, they were outside jumping on the trampoline. Jory joined them on the tramp, and they jumped until they wore themselves out. Jory amused himself with the Wii and pool table. Jory was the only child allowed to play pool, since Jeremy had taught him how to play and he knew what he was doing.

When we weren't doubled over with laughter, we got crafting done. We did two things I had never done before. One was make our own Glue Dots using Aleene's Tack It Over and Over. The other was glass etching. We used the Cricut Expression, vinyl, and Armour Etch to etch our own personalized drinking glasses. I had never etched glass before, and it was a lot of fun. I got five pages done, two of which were already almost done and just needed embellishments. The other three I got done, start to finish, there. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, and I don't think any of us got 8 hours of sleep the entire weekend except for the children.

Several times Lizzie or Jory would come in to see what was so funny, we were laughing so hard. And we couldn't explain it, we just looked at each other and laughed all the harder. But we really did have a ball. We can't wait for the next one! I won't tell any stories here because we four came to an agreement. What happens in Joplin stays in Joplin!